Monday, June 27, 2011

The pieces are falling into place

Over the last week, we have had a few developments in our housing situation, and I am cautiously optimistic as I share them with you.

First, we decided last week that we were going to list our house as "For Rent" as we had four showings in three months while it was for sale. Depressing. Annoying. Frustrating. All of that...and we are officially ready for a vacation from the real estate world. We will try again in 3 years. We decided to rent it out under the strong advice of our realtor and some other friends who have had success doing it.

I made a little ad on Craigslist and posted it, thinking surely no one would want to see our house and our asking price was too high. Well, within 24 hours, I would say I had at least 10 inquiries, and over the past week, we are probably up to 20. We were all set to go with one of these people and begin the screening process, but a couple of sorority sisters of mine from college contacted me about renting the house, and by the end of Saturday afternoon, they decided to rent it! This makes me happy because I know that they will take care of it and we are not losing our Indianapolis "roots."

Their move-in date is August 1...which means that we have to be out of here by then! That gives me seriously one month to get everything packed up and organized and somehow to transported to Muncie to a location yet to be determined! We haven't heard back on the house we'd love to rent there, but we are thinking no news is good news because the realtor said she would call us if someone else wanted the house. I am assuming the owner just wants to wait until July 10 as she initially stated (don't know why when you have willing renters, ready to sign the lease at the price you want RIGHT NOW!). I am hoping that she decides this week to give us a call and tell us we got the place...but until then, I have to wait very impatiently.

I have decided to throw my energy into our new bedroom that we are creating. Luke and I (mainly I) decided that we would get new bedroom furniture upon our move to Muncie. Our bed was purchased for $15 at a rummage sale, and I used it in college and through our first 4 years of marriage. It has been painted 3 times. Our dresser is one I had in my bedroom at home and then in college. The "armoire" (which is HILARIOUS because I don't know if you could call it that) was found in Luke's basement at home and we painted it black and called it a day. Our mattress is relatively new as we bought it when we got married, so that will be staying. Everything else will be listed on Craigslist soon! Anyway-- Luke and I have different styles and ideas of what we want our home to look like. If Luke could have a house like the Jetsons', he would. I like modern, but I also like a little mix of rustic, vintage, and modern. I like clean lines, but not razor sharp lines.

So, after two full days of traipsing through furniture stores (with Noelle running around like crazy), we found a bed at Crate & Barrel that made our hearts sing. I would post a picture, but the picture doesn't do it justice so I will wait until it is complete. It is a warm, honey color made out of white oak and teak wood. We really love it and hope to find some beautiful dressers to compliment. I am thinking of going the "mismatched but I meant to do it" look. I don't know yet. But I am obsessed with searching for the perfect pieces, which will keep my occupied until 13 days from now when we hear about the house....not that I'm counting!

Things are coming together, but now I am freaking out about the move! This is crazy that it is really happening! I downloaded Martha Stewarts moving checklist, and I had to laugh as the first thing on the list is "HIRE A MOVER!" Hahaha, oh Martha...if we all had millions like you...

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