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This blog was started a few years ago when blogging was relatively new and it was just a step up from Xanga (yeeps). I maintained a Xanga (yeeeeps) all through college and enjoyed documenting my stories and antics as an undergrad. When I got married, I continued with it until it seemed too juvenile. And until I decided I didn't want my stories of college freedom mixing with my stories of domestic goddessness. So, I searched for a new avenue and created this little space called Mrs. E and the Future MD. At the time, my husband was a medical student, and he was a future doctor (I'm so creative).

I started by writing about little events we would attend, family weddings, and weekend updates. Things were peachy until the blog took a more serious turn after the miscarriage of our first child. I innocently kept the blog to document the excitement of our surprise first pregnancy, and then the blog turned into a miscarriage survivor story. I started hearing from friends and even people I didn't know that well who had read our story and found some kind of healing in it all for themselves, which inspired me to keep it going.

I am now on my 2nd successful pregnancy with a beautiful 2 year old daughter to show for the first one. My husband graduated in 2011 with his MD and is now in his family medicine residency program. We live in a small, midwestern town that doesn't offer a whole heck of a lot to outsiders, but to us it offers family, friends, and enough to keep us busy for now.

I'm just an ordinary elementary teacher with a desire to create, write, and express myself. I look forward to seeing where this blog will take me...or where I will take this blog.

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