Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super City

The Super Bowl is upon us, and after worrying all summer if we would even have a Super Bowl, I am really excited that it is here! Of course I would have loved to see the Colts playing in their home city, but I know the two teams that are here are the two best teams for a profitable Super Bowl. The Giants and the Patriots are bringing all kinds of fans, celebrities, and national attention, and that is all translating into money and publicity for our beautiful city of Indianapolis!

Anyone who is familiar with Indy already knows how clean, friendly, attractive, and fun Indianapolis is. However, we are now able to showcase our capital to the country and the world, and I couldn't be happier. I have never been to any other Super Bowl cities, but I have heard that Indy really did it right and created a unique and fun atmosphere for the big game.

Luke and I decided that we HAD to get down there and check out the village and see the sights, so we went down on Monday and had a little date night. Even though I saw plenty of children, I would never take my kids if they were under the age of 12. Little ones could get lost in a split second, and strollers are really cumbersome in the crowded streets. For that, we were grateful Noelle was with her grandparents.

We were worried about parking, but we found a meter actually very close to the circle and just paid 2 dollars. We stopped and got some hot chocolate at Starbucks and headed south of the monument to see the infamous roman numerals. Really impressive and cool. They are absolutely huge, too!

We then headed on to the village on Georgia. It was already crowded on Monday night, so I can't imagine what it is like right now, but we just walked around, listened to what they had on the big jumbo screens, and people watched. They had bars set up outside with flames for warmth, and I snapped a cool picture.
We tried to find the 33 Indy cars with all of the NFL teams on them, but they had already taken them out and distributed them to different cities around the state. They did leave the Giants car, Patriots car, and the SB 46 car.

Next was the zip line. We had fun watching people look like Spiderman as they flew down the line, some people upside down. If the line weren't long, I would consider doing it. The zip line was right in front of the conference center, which is where the NFL experience was. We didn't pay to go in there, but I've heard it's a great time, especially for kids and men who like to be kids.

We figured we had seen the sights and it was time to go home. We walked down Capitol to the state house and saw the JW Marriott with the Lombardi trophy on its windows. Very cool!
I couldn't get over how clean the streets were. Even with thousands of people drinking beer and contributing to litter, the streets were in pristine condition. I am so proud of Indianapolis-- proud to still be a taxpayer in Marion County, and proud to say we lived there for 4 years and enjoyed much of what Indy had to offer us.

Hopefully all their hard work means that Indy will get another Super Bowl in our lifetime!

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