Saturday, November 27, 2010

I fell down on Black Friday.

Hello. I'm Ashley. I was crazy and shopped from 12 midnight on Friday morning until about 1 p.m. on Friday afternoon. I also fell down and scraped my knees on Black Friday. Which of those two make me more of a dumbass?

I have to say...I had a lot of fun shopping with Elizabeth on Black Friday. We had fun laughing at all the people lined up outside while we waited nice and toasty in the car until the lines dissolved inside. A lot of people were quite negative on Facebook about how they were NOT going to be CRAZY and wait IN LINE outSIDE the DAY after thanksGIVING...they will SAVE their MONEY and not spend it like an IDIOT! (I am using the all caps for dramatic effect, to imitate the dramatic nature of these Facebook postings) I got some good deals, mainly for myself (HA!), and I was able to get some people I love some nice gifts.

I am extremely confident in the gifts I chose this year. I think that everyone will love everything, honestly. This is the first year that I know what I am going to get my parents before about December 21 (because you are the two most difficult humans to buy for- Hi Mom & Dad!). I feel totally in the spirit and am ready to wrap presents and get them under the tree! Luke is going to have a GREAT Christmas, and Noelle's first Christmas will be fabulous, without being overdone. I promise there are still toys at Toys R Us.

So...about the title of this post. At midnight, Old Navy opened, and E and I were approaching the store. We were getting ready to get in line when I stubbed my toe with my big fake Ugg boot on this EXTREMELY HIDDEN AND HARD TO SEE step! I lost all my balance, leaned way forward, I believe I grabbed E's butt for pure survival, and then I bit the dust. It was hilarious. It's a good thing that I absolutely do not care about making an ass of myself because I totally fell down in front of like 300 people waiting in line at Old Navy. A 15 year old brace face girl asked me if I was OK. Seriously.

Black Friday 2010 was amazing. I have the skinned knees to prove it.

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  1. I've v-Jealous of Black Fridays, poor us un the UK, we have no such sale day, the only thing that comes close is the Jan sales.