Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Plan B

So...I had this fabulous post about Noelle and how great she has been the last few days and how I have memories that would bring tears to your eyes. I also have documentation of her first bites of chicken. However, for some reason, Blogger failed me at the end of my post and lost all of my writing. I am mad, so you will have to read my Christmas list instead. Two reasons. 1) It is almost Christmas. Yes, it is. Snap out of the denial. 2) A list is easier to write than an essay about my precious girl after a long day of teaching and spell bowl coaching.

I feel like I "want" a lot, but know that I "need" I am kind of looking at different things this year.Of course, I have that little pipe dream that "Santa" will drop an iPad into my lap or get me that Le'Vian Chocolate Diamond ring I have been eyeing...but I know that is not realistic, possible, or even reasonable.

So...Santa, if you have Internet at the North Pole and are frequenting this bliggity blog...take notes.

1.  Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook

2. Philosophy Purity Made Simple face wash...extra large size w/ pump

3. TVP Necklace (with You Are Worth It All around the edge and N in the middle)

4. A gift card for The Loft to go toward a pretty dress for Luke's graduation.

That's it for now. Maybe more later.

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