Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Neglect

I don't know why I have been so neglectful of my blog these past few months. It makes me sad because I haven't been great about documenting the things that make our lives what they are. We go places. We do things. We see people. We spend time together. We take pictures. I promise, we do! I don't know why I can't just open up the computer and write it down, and I have a feeling I will regret it in the future.

So...I suppose I will start with the biggest update for our family! Abe & E had their baby! Baby J is, as I always a knew, a girl! Baby J, now Baby Joyce, was born on Friday morning. Elizabeth was of course a rock star and delivered her without an epidural. We headed to Greenfield after a chilly photo session for me on Friday night and got to hold her and spend time with the new parents! :-) We are so happy for Abel and E and know that they will be the best parents. I definitely took tons of pictures, and I can't wait to upload them.

Luke has been busy with residency, but not so busy that we don't see each other. In fact, I'd say we have been blessed by this residency program and have had to make very minimal adjustments to our lives as a result of it. Of course, I hate the call evenings, and I hate the times that he thinks he will leave at 4:30 and then actually leaves at 6:00, but we so fortunate that he loves the program and loves what he does every day.

Noelle is awesome as usual. We have been doing some fun Christmas activities lately such as picking out our tree and decorating it, and then also taking her to the Minnetrista Luminaria walk last night. She was pumped to see horses and lights and hear Christmas music. Everything is so fun and magical through Noelle's eyes. She makes each day brighter and happier.

As for me-- I am finally getting a grip on school, and I feel like I am enjoying it again. There are always ups and downs for a teacher, but right now, I have had a string of really good days and I am hoping to keep up the positive energy.

It's a rainy, dreary day, Noelle is napping, and I have my sweats on. I'm going to lay down and capitalize on this little slice of Heaven!

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