Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer Lovin...

Is it too soon to begin my Summer Bucket List? With 28 school days left, I think not. I am sooooo ready for a whole summer with my baby girl, my friends, my husband, and myself. I am ready to slay some dragons and get things accomplished before this next tiny human comes into the world. I have some grand plans, like I do every year, and I hope this year I can get them all done. Let's see...unlike previous summers, I won't be trying to sell a house, pack, and move (2011); I won't be putting new siding on the house and taking care of a 3-4 month old (2010); I won't be trying to get pregnant and wreck my bike on a mountain bike trail (2009); I won't be buying a house and moving while Luke is in Canada (2008); and I won't be getting married, trying to find a job, and moving to an apartment in Indy (2007). I am ready for a summer AT HOME, with wide open plans to do whut I wunt.

Home Improvements
1. Paint redecorate/organize the sunroom/playroom
2. Paint redecorate/organize the office/craft/crap room
3. Reconfigure and situate Noelle's room to make room for a new baby
4. Get photos and artwork on the walls, dammit

Cooking & Cleaning
1. Prepare freeze approx. 10 Pioneer Woman pie crusts
2. Create toddler friendly healthy snacks
3. IF the baby is a girl, get clothes bins down and wash and prepare the clothes
4. Wash down and launder car seat covers and other baby equipment
5. Effectively menu plan according to a weekly budget

Fun with Noelle
1. Go to at least 3 different water parks (indoors or out)
2. Go to the zoo
3. Go to the Indy Children's Museum
4. Go to the Muncie Children's Museum
5. Complete a weekly hands-on craft
6. Eat lunch outside whenever we can
7. Go to an indoor bounce house or playground
8. Take part in a few of the local library activities
9. Visit the Faeries & Sprites night at Minnetrista
10. Take her to her first movie
11. Maybe join a gymnastics class or another physical activity class

Get My Crap Together Stuff
1. Catch up on ordering photos and actually place in albums
2. Plan around a tight-ish budget and stick to it to save monies for the baby
3. Go to school once weekly to organize and prepare for my impending maternity leave
4. Have 3 "No Spend Days" per week where we don't spend any money at all...not even on gas
5. Complete 5 Pinterest projects
6. Read 3 books
7. Complete 30 minutes of cardio 6 days per week

Well, it looks like I have gotten a little ahead of myself. I've got a lot of work ahead of me! Let the fun begin!

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