Friday, October 8, 2010

Up yours, bragging mommies

You know who I really don't like?
People who act like they really aren't bragging, but really they are.
Especially when it comes to their babies.
I just read an article from a "celebrity" saying that her 4 month old is already scooting and she rolled over really early, and "that really frightened me!" Yeah right. You probably get your jollies from telling a parenting website that your 4 month old is scooting, knowing good and well that the majority of people reading it have kids that are almost 7 months and showing no real motivation to crawl (example? me). All of us "normals" are giving you the finger right now.

Look...unless I ask...I don't want to know that your kid started walking at 9 months or sprouted teeth at one week post-womb. I don't want to know that he can say your name and count to ten prior to graduating to size 3 diapers, and I most certainly do not want to hear about how your baby is just a tiny little thing whereas my precious baby girl gets the "she's a big girl!" comment every time we go out.

Yes, I am sensitive...but I am also protective of my daughter's feelings...even at (gasp) 7 months (on Monday)! I don't call her big. I don't call her fat. I don't even really like the word chunky. I love her leg rolls...and I don't care that she isn't crawling yet.

(ok...maybe I care just a little...but she's perfect just the way she is).


  1. Noelle is perfect. Period. Any questions?

  2. Bahahaha---this made me laugh ;-) Let me just tell you, Cole gets the "how old is he? OH...he's a BIG boy!" comment ALL the time, so Noelle is in good company. And as for teeth, all the other kids his age look like sharks comparatively. A certain someone Jake and I are not fond of saw Cole for the very first time a couple weeks after he turned a year old and immediately exclaims "He's not walking yet?!" Dumb. And as for Cole's verbal skills? Bah. When people come over and have been at the house for only a few minutes, Cole awkwardly starts shouting "BYE...BYE...BYE." He has no idea we are "mom" or "dad." Jake's mom once asked where "Amanda" was and he pointed to me. Great. Anyway---I'll stop rambling...but just know you are not alone in your rant :-D