Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jingle Bell Run 2010

In all the sarcasm with my postings lately, I almost forgot to mention that I completed another 5K race. This was my 3rd official race in 2 years. I took a good year off of running to grow a small human and bring her to life.

Luke and I trained for the Jingle Bell Run this year like we did for our first one 2 years ago...using the Cool Running's Couch to 5K plan. For anyone who is NOT a runner, I definitely recommend this plan. It literally takes you from not being able to run for 1 minute to running a full 30 minutes for a 5K in just 9 weeks. Two years ago, I started it from week one and successfully completed a 5K (the Jingle Bell Run) outside in December. I would have never thought I could do such a thing.

This year, I could already run for about a mile without stopping or feeling that bad, so I started the plan at about week 5. We trained pretty consistently, despite the nasty weather and despite Luke having to push our jogging stroller with Noelle in it. We rigged up a beach towel with clamps to cover her stroller completely so that no air could get to her. She typically liked the rides and was always warm when we were finished. I am sure we looked hilarious doing this, but we had to do what could!

Anyway, this year's Jingle Bell Run went through downtown Indy, which was a change. It was a good time, and it wasn't too cold, either. Abe & E watched Noelle and surprised us by bringing her to the finish to cheer us on. It was really fun and sweet.

I did not beat my personal best time, which was to get it under 32 minutes. I ran the 5K in just about 33 minutes. However, I felt pretty good and finished really strong. I do remember running the first mile and not seeing any mile marker sign, and I was starting to feel winded, so I was getting worried that if I was this tired at not even the first mile, then there is no way I would be able to finish 3.1 miles. However, I asked Luke where Mile 1 would be, and he said we had passed it a while ago and were working on mile 2 at this point. What a relief! In all my focus, I had missed the Mile 1 sign. Praise Jesus!

I am really determined to not get totally out of running shape. I hope (after the holidays) to run at least twice a week in combination with my Zumba schedule.

These last 10 pounds are really pissing me off, and it is high time they hit the road.

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