Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh, hi.

My first post for December. Blog, I am sorry I have neglected you. While on my "blogcation," I was doing lots of very important things, such as finding World Peace and figuring out why the hell the Pay at the Pump screen has so many questions to ask me as I am freezing my butt off pumping my gas. NO I don't have a Kroger card. NO I don't want a car wash. NO I don't want a receipt! Gah.

Anyway, as much as I am really excited for Christmas for Noelle, it seems I have lost a little tiny bit of my Christmas cheer. Last year, I did a Christmas Question of the Day on Facebook for 40 days before Christmas. This year, I mainly post things on Facebook about how I can't wait until Friday or what I ate for dinner. Lame.

I think the external stress of life has really gotten me down this holiday season, and that really disappoints me. I know I am better than that. I know that I really just need to let things go and try to live my life happily, but between school, residency decisions, money (lacking money, of course), and just the wears and tears of life, I find myself just looking forward to going to bed so I can get the next day over with quicker. What a horrible way to feel. (that was Good Ashley talking)

So, I suppose I will discuss the residency decision. Luke has finished interviewing at all 4 of his options. He has "liked" each one. He doesn't seem ready to say anything definitive at this time. I think Luke will fight a battle between his head and his heart on this one. I know there's tremendous pressure on him to make the "right" decision, and there's a lot of pressure on me to be there for him and to accept whatever conclusion he comes to and to be positive at all times. Good thing my middle name is Positivity. (that was Bad Ashley)

I suppose the good thing about the residency thing is we know we will either be in Muncie or Indy, which is comforting. It's not like we are moving across the country...although sometimes that seems tempting.

I know this post didn't accomplish much. Noelle is doing wonderfully. I have a post planned to talk about her 9 month birthday and all her stats. But she's not 9 months yet (2 more days), and I am not going to rush it. She is growing too quickly as it is.

Alright...I'm going to go look for my Christmas spirit.

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