Saturday, March 26, 2011

Almost there!

Well, after several weeks of boxing, purging, Goodwill-ing, pitching, storing, cleaning, rearranging, etc, we are almost to the point of putting our home on the market. In fact, Monday is the day.

For now, it is getting easier. I don't cry daily like I used to. I have recently gotten excited about some housing possibilities in Muncie, and I also am thrilled by the good news we received about a mortgage loan for another house. So...things are looking up.

I am really, honestly, truly going to try to remain positive during this time of transition and uncertainty. I really think that a positive outlook goes a long way, and I know that the right "thing" (I hate using that word) will happen for us. I know that we will find a great home in Muncie and that the right buyers will come at the right time for this house here. I know this my heart, so I am trying to trick my brain into believing it.

We have plenty to keep us busy in the meantime. Luke's graduation is coming quickly, and we have a lot of fun festivities leading up to it. Spring is here (even though you can't tell it by the weather), which means time outside, walks as a family, and our beautiful trees should be blooming shortly.

We have a lot to be happy about and thankful for, Noelle being number one. Last night, she was SOOO funny. She was giggling up a storm and doing some of the most hilarious things (there's that T word again). I feel like she has aged another year in the 2 weeks since her party! She babbles and "talks" all the time, she is crawling like a champ, and she does some of the most comical things (grrr) with her body.

Noelle reminds us of what is important, and that a few months of inconvenience and uncertainty will be much more bearable with her making us laugh.

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