Saturday, September 6, 2008

Baby had her first bump...

Yesterday was a really bad day. The day began with us finding our beautiful pear tree and half of its branches laying across our driveway. A huge arm of the tree broke off (apparently in a wind or rain storm), and now we have TONS of branches and leaves to clean up. The tree looks half-naked now. I am hoping that the branches will fill in the hole eventually. So, that was a sad way to start the day.

Then, I get home from school, and we both are just desperate to do something young and fun. In many ways, I feel like a ticking time bomb...and my days of doing what I want are numbered. So, we looked into everything downtown, and nothing struck us. Finally, we got the idea to go to the Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville and eat dinner/shop. We made it down there, had a decent dinner at an Irish Pub, watched some of the BSU vs. Navy game on ESPN (BSU made me miss college sooooo much), and then we shopped a little. 

We were leaving the complex, getting ready to turn right, and a man in an SUV hit us from behind. My head slammed against the headrest pretty hard. It was weird, because my first thought was the baby. Thank goodness Baby is only the size of a blueberry or something. I got out of the car and was very angry. I'm pretty sure I even yelled at the guy who hit us. Luke told me to wait in the car while he worked it out. I was really upset, because personally I am tired of dealing with repairing cars, trees, and anything else that is not working. I just want everything to go right all the time! 

Anyway, everything is OK....Luke will need a new back bumper for sure, but that can be replaced. The tree will get cleaned up. And most importantly, we are fine & together.

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