Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hopes & Dreams

Noelle is getting baptized on Saturday evening. We had to meet with a lady from our church (St. Simon) to get some more information about the baptism, and she informed us that Father Bill will most likely ask us at the baptism what our hopes and dreams are for Noelle. Wow...what a huge question? How do we sum up a lifetime's worth of hopes and dreams for our beautiful baby girl in just a couple of sentences? Luke and I have been discussing this topic around our house lately, and we are having trouble coming up with the "right" thing to say. We hope she cleans her room regularly without being asked? No...too shallow. We hope she follows her dreams and listens to heart? No...too cliched. We hope she grows up to be very successful and gets into a prestigious college and earns a full ride scholarship? True...but I don't think that is what Father Bill wants us to be focusing on. I am thinking about something along these lines...

We hope for you a life where you feel protected, cared for, and surrounded by love. We wish you many friendships. We want you to take each day as they come, one step at a time, truly living for each moment. We dream of your successes, no matter how great or small. We want for you a life with few worries, many celebrations, and unlimited happiness. We pray the times that you are in pain be short-lived, and that your dreams and imagination know no boundaries. And more than anything, we hope you close your eyes each night for the rest of your life knowing how much we love you.

Sounds about right. :-)

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