Monday, July 5, 2010

Change of Plans

How does having your husband home for an entire month versus being gone in Lexington, KY, sound? I think that sounds heavenly...I will take it!

Luke had a major change of heart about not only his away rotation but also his future specialty last week, and he has decided not to go to Lexington and to change his path from urology to family medicine/sports medicine/OB...yes, he is still mildly undecided, but he assures me he doesn't have to know for SURE until later this fall. He does know that urology is not for him, and he will be focusing his efforts in other places.

I am ecstatic because this means a lot of great things for our family. This means less chance of him being relocated to another state for residency. This means more time for our family and less time in 12 hour surgeries. This means more happiness for Luke and less walking zombie Luke. This means I don't have to spend an entire month alone. This was a very big decision for Luke that he did not take lightly. We have been talking about this and talking about this and talking about this for months, if not years. I feel that God stepped in in the right moment to help make the picture clear for Luke, for that I am so grateful.

SO-- I look forward to a month of family time, lots of love, and lots of teamwork as we raise our precious daughter. Praise God!

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  1. Yay! That is great that Luke is narrowing it down and determining which specialty is best for both him and your family. We have a new neighbor who is a med/peds intern (started residency officially at the end of June - aka we never see her). She mentioned to Jake that last year in August she was still thinking she would be doing surgery when she had a total change of heart and decided on med/peds. After talking to her, Jake changed his mind about anesthesia! We are now back on the med/peds train again, just like we were in 2007. I can not WAIT until match day in March!!!