Friday, February 27, 2009

Principle 4

OK, so I am not really done with principle 4 yet, but I have read most of it, and the gist is that you are supposed to leave your baggage behind. It tells the story of a man who had an abusive father, and basically he himself became abusive and difficult to be around. He let his baggage from the past affect his current demeanor, and subsequently he was fired from his job. This is the danger of holding onto old baggage. This really spoke to me.

I have always, always been a "baggage holder." I have always held onto grudges...I have always remembered the past...I have always confronted myself with things from my past that I would rather not remember but always do....and I have finally realized that part of growing up is letting go. I just have to let go.

Things have been really good here lately. Lent has renewed us and refreshed us, and we are ready to see what the next 40 days will bring. We hope that we experience a lot of enlightenment and spiritual rejuvenation in this time before Easter. As our due date draws closer (April 13, day after Easter)...we will be fighting the baggage of the miscarriage. Don't get me wrong, I ache to remember our child daily. I don't consider our child "baggage." But I do consider the sad and empty feelings, as well as the feelings of abandonment and despair, to be just the kind of baggage that needs to be left behind. 

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