Monday, April 27, 2009

Luke's Birthday

I haven't updated in a while. Sometimes I have so much to say and yet so little all at the same time. I don't know how that is possible, but it is. I don't know who all reads this little blog, but I like to update frequently so as to maintain an accurate record of the happenings of 9428 Haddington....and so I begin....

Luke turned 24 on Saturday! It was just an absolutely beautiful day on Saturday, we enjoyed doing some yard work and being in the sun. I made a field trip to Muncie to get CeCe ready for her senior prom. I crack up when I think about how last year, she wouldn't even touch a pink, sparkly dress, but yet, this year, she was like Barbie Princess on Ice. She looked beautiful...hard to believe I have no more girls to help get ready for dances and formals. Tear. 

I came back to Indy just in time to make our reservation at Buca's with Abe & E for Luke's birthday. We enjoyed good food and great conversation. We made a side trip to Kohl's on the way back and then came back to the house to eat some chocolate cake (that I made, which was DELISH!) This recipe was dubbed as "The Best Chocolate Cake in the World," and I do believe it lived up to its name!

Sunday, the whole Ernstberger clan, including Seth, Liz, and boys, as well as my parents, came to our house to celebrate Luke some more. I swear, we feel so unworthy of the love we makes us start thinking about all the other birthdays in the family that weren't honored with a family get-together. We feel sad when we think about this, but we also feel inspired to be better and orchestrate family gatherings more often. Everyone deserves to feel as blessed as we do :-) 

We played outside, ate good food, shared stories, caught up on was an awesome day. Any opportunity we get to see our precious nephews, we cherish.

I have been working really hard lately on keeping a positive frame of mind...and a pure heart. Thanks to my sweet friend & sister-in-law, E, I have realized some changes that need to be made in that department. It's one day at a time, one foot in front of the other....and I like where this life is heading. 

On the subject of E, and Abe, they unfortunately experienced the loss of their dog, for you animal lovers out there, send a little prayer their way. 

Alright, here's some photos of the weekend!

Look how beautiful (er....handsome, macho...) Gus is!

Playing with CeCe & E

Gus in the sprinkler

Look at that face!

I took 10000 pictures, waiting for a smile....

Gus dirtying Deohgie's water

Luke's Apple-Cranberry Gorgonzola Salad that looked amazing!

He was quite proud of his work!

Miss CeCe in her beautiful dress

Luke's 2 layer birthday cake with chocolate ganache frosting!

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