Friday, October 30, 2009

19 Weeks (a little late)

I am almost 20 weeks now, but I haven't had time due to my rigorous sleep schedule to post anything about the 19 week achievement of our baby. I usually fall asleep in the 8 o'clock hour now, which is depressing and fun all at the same time! My only real, true pregnancy symptom has been FATIGUE! I am so tired all of the time, it is INSANE! I can be awake and talking one minute, and then asleep the next! Oh well, I have been advised by other new moms to sleep now while I can!

This has been a fun week because I have felt the baby move a few times. Especially after our ultrasound, I started feeling it more and more. It feels like it is tap dancing in there. I think I have felt it once at least every day since Tuesday this week. I look forward to next week when I think I will feel it even more!

I had a great dinner with my high school friends this week at Cheesecake Factory. Two of them are mommies now, and it is fun to hear advice and stories from them. I have been friends with these girls since elementary/middle/high school, so it is fun to now have an adult friendship (who are we kidding...we laughed and joked and said inappropriate things just like kids)!

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