Tuesday, October 6, 2009

16 Weeks

Well, on Sunday, I celebrated being 16 weeks pregnant. I would like to say the time is flying, but I sure don't think it is! I think not knowing the sex, and not finding out the sex, is making it seem longer. We have so much anticipation, guessing if our baby will be a boy or a girl. It's crazy how a baby who isn't even born yet can occupy so much of your thoughts.

I bought a baby name book, and I am focusing on boy names. I think I know my girl name, but as for boys, I am lost. I have made it through A, B, and C of the boys, and found 3 names I liked, two of which Luke poo-pooed, and the third is just OK. Hopefully the other 23 letters of the alphabet bring some good material.

Over the weekend, I also attended Ball State's homecoming. This was my third one after graduating in 2007. I was so happy to be there, despite the fact that I was pregnant and unable to partake in any adult beverages like my friends. I didn't miss it that much. However, when I left, I just felt so sad. I miss my college years dearly. It's not that I want to change my life now-- I just miss all the good times I had. If I could recreate my top 5 favorite moments, I think I would recreate these:

1. Getting engaged at IU
2. "That one night at the bars" that will live in infamy (and my friends know which night this was)
3. The time that Abel & Luke went to Italy, and Elizabeth and I hung out for like 2 solid weeks and ate McDonald's about 10 times.
4. AOII Rose Ball Senior Year
5. The day my roommates and I played in the rain.

I am SURE I could go on forever. How can you pick just 5 moments from 4 solid years? I don't know. I just miss it. I haven't missed it for a while, but homecoming brought it out of me.

Oh well-- here's to celebrating the old memories and creating new ones.
Not loving this picture of me, but Luke is cute

Laura, Jenn, me, Jess, and Allison

Jenn, Laura, me, Allison (Laura-- is that a Colts scarf???)

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