Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello Again

I didn't write last week because, you see, they don't have Internet service in Hell.
Nope. I couldn't even steal a wireless connection from Purgatory. Meh. Oh well. Here I am.

Last week was not a good week for me. Everything went wrong (except for Noelle...she was awesome...and decided to sprout a full-on tooth)...but after a few pep talks and cry-it-out sessions in my car, I decided that this week would be better, and it already has been.

Enough about that.

Luke and I have had some great weekends lately. From enjoying this Fall weather to spending time with friends around a fire pit to watching Colts play good football to getting our family pictures taken finally...we have really enjoyed the time together. Fourth year of med school is turning out to be great, and Luke is afforded a lot of free time that we didn't think he would have. He has successfully submitted his residency application, and he has already been called for an interview. It's pretty nutty that this is all going to go down here in a couple months. He will interview, and then in March we will know where he will be for residency. We have a lot of prayerful decisions to make in the next few months about where to go and what to do, so let's hope that the can of tomatoes I accidentally stole from Target a few weeks ago doesn't come back to bite us in the ass...earning us a residency in Utah or something.

I have gotten back into running. And by "back into," I mean I have done it twice now. And by "running," I mean rhythmically swinging my arms faster than my legs are moving to make it appear like I am running faster than I really am. But...I am doing it. With each step, I have this schizophrenic battle between my "This SUCKS" voice and my "You can do it " voice. Regardless, I did about 2 miles on Sunday and 1 mile tonight.

Little Noelle is so wonderful. Her little bottom tooth is poked through, and she has the best little personality. We are anxiously awaiting her first Halloween, and we just love looking forward to each day with her. Her smile pulled me through my funk last week, and I know that no matter how chaotic and crazy and frustrating and Hellacious my life can be...her smile will always make me happy.

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