Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've been slacking...

Well, one would think that with the endless amounts of free time that I have during the day, I would be just full of blog entries, but really, it has been a busy week! Finally, I have some time to stop and catch my breath.

Last weekend was totally, insanely busy, but it was so much fun. Friday night, we had a whole bunch of high school friends at our house for a "cookout," but really we sat inside the whole time and drank some adult beverages, held the new babies (those two things sound bad, back to back, don't they?), ate good food, and had some great conversations. We are always so happy when we have our friends in our home. 

Saturday, we had a bridal brunch for Allison at the Delaware Country Club. Her grandmother put it together, and it was a fun, girly, traditional event. The bridesmaids, her mom, her two grandmothers, and Chris's mom, aunt, and grandmother were all in attendance. We got to wear pretty dresses and eat some incredible cheesecake! I can hardly believe that she is getting married THIS Saturday! 

Saturday night, we went to the Toby Keith concert. I went with my dad, and then Luke tagged along with our friends. It was an awesome concert, as always, and Luke had fun because it was his first concert! :-) 

Sunday was Father's Day! I got my dad a Concannon's gift who wouldn't want one of those? Luke went to spend time with his dad while I decompressed for a while. We had something big to gear up for that night...WICKED! These are the tickets I  bought back for Luke's birthday in April. We ate at Ruby Tuesday's and then went to the Murat for the show. We were in the 16th row, on the floor. I was a little disappointed because we were pretty far over to the right, but after the show started, it ended up being a pretty  great view. Some of those songs...I just get goose bumps and I actually teared up a little! When you are in the presence of such amazing talent, it just moves you! We had an incredible time.

I suppose the most recent news is that we finally closed on our home mortgage refinance! Yay! Haha. You know when you are an "adult" when you refinance your house and you are excited about saving $65 a month on your monthly payment. :-) Any little bit helps.... 

Well, for the rest of the day today, I plan to be outside, and I also need to start getting things ready for this weekend. Another big weekend lies ahead!

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