Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend Summary: Allison's Wedding!

Well, after a whirlwind weekend (seems like most of my weekends are like this these days!), I have finally caught my breath, and am I ready to blog about Allison's wedding!

I was so excited to be a bridesmaid for Allison (not just any bridesmaid...the maid of honor!). However, I was overcome with nerves and anxiety the entire weekend. We joked that maybe I took all of her nerves, because she was so relaxed the whole time. I kept feeling like I was going to throw-up...but all of the nerves were for nothing because the wedding was flawless, my dress zipped *sigh*, my speech went great, and the reception was lots of fun! 

Friday night was of course the rehearsal and dinner at Puerto Vallarta. We had tons of fun as a wedding party, but the real fun began when we left the restaurant and thought we were headed to go to see the movie, "The Proposal." Well, we got stuck by a train, and we were already running late, so we decided to just have fun anyway and blare some Michael Jackson, roll down the windows, and belt it. All joking aside, I am still stunned about MJ's death, but it was fun to pay tribute to his awesome song, "Man in the Mirror" on Friday night. We also decided to head to our former Bethel houses and take some pictures. When we finally got back to Allison's mom and dad's house, we just hung out, talked, and painted our nails until 1 a.m. 
Us at "Old Bethel" (we lived there from August 2004-July 2005)

Outside of "New Bethel," Al and I lived there from July 2005-May 2007, and Laura and Nikki joined from 2006-2007

Saturday morning came around, and we went to get our hair done! They all turned out great, and on the way to the church, we picked up some McDonald's (of course!). We killed some time before getting ready by dancing and talking...just having fun together. When we got the dresses on, the time came around quickly for pictures and the wedding to begin. I was shaking before walking down the aisle, but I made it without tripping! I teared up when she came down the aisle...she looked beautiful and radiant...and I am a sucker for music at weddings. It gets me everytime! 

Laura, me, Al, Jenn, and Nikki waiting for the ceremony to begin!

Al and me!

Once the ceremony ended, we took some full group photos, then headed out to the reception. It was so great to see our friends and sorority sisters! Al's reception was in a tent in her parents' yard, so it was beautiful and romantic and summery and perfect! I delivered my speech just the way I wanted to, and people laughed, so I think it went well! I also didn't cry! Woohoo! I know there is no reason to be sad...our friendship will go on forever! 

My baby and me at the reception!
My AOII family! 

Stacia, me, and Kel

Cutting the cake!

I was dead on my feet by the end of the night. The stifling heat caught up with us by the end of the day. It was definitely 90 degrees...but there was no rain! 

Now, as I type, Al and Chris are either on their way or have already landed in Jamaica! I can't wait to hear honeymoon stories and see pictures. I am definitely feeling nostalgic and remembering my own wedding and honeymoon almost two years ago. We are happier than ever and ready to see what the future holds!

Congrats to Chris and Allison Overholt! Marriage truly is a blessing!

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