Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Cleaning

I know this is nerdy, but I had a lot of big goals this summer to do some cleaning and organizing around the house. I am pretty proud of myself because, thus far, I have only been home for about 4 days total since our vacation, but I have managed to clean the pantry, the "shelves behind the blue curtain" in our kitchen, the fridge and freezer, the cabinets under our bathroom sink and above the toilet, and now the office closet! It feels so good to purge and organize! I am also thrilled because I only had to spend $37 on organizers at Target. I think that is a steal! 

Anyway...if you're a nerd like me and enjoy this type of thing....have a look.

This is the fridge, once we removed all of the food, including the yogurt that was 1 year old yet never opened. See that dark spot on the shelf in the door? Yeah, that is soy sauce that  has been bugging me for a long time! I don't have an after picture of the fridge, but just picture it with fresh food and that sick soy spot removed. Heaven!

These are the contents of the office closet, mainly scrapbooking and card making supplies, on the floor. 

Now, previously mentioned office contents put into containers and organized neatly on the shelves. DONE!

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