Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to School!

School is back in full force these days, as I went back to the working world on Monday. We had corporation meetings on Monday and Tuesday, and then the kiddos came on Wednesday! I have 19 fresh-faced students, and I must say that 19 is a HEAVENLY number! I had 25 last year, and with the 2nd grade classrooms bursting with 27 and 28 kids each, I am rejoicing (quietly, mind you, so as not to brag in front of the other teachers ready to pull their hair out!).

I spent the first three days doing what I should have done my first two years during the first three days (did you follow that...?). I got to know the kids, I didn't start out with super fun awesome activities (I know you're thinking...why?). I didn't crack a text book. I took my time assessing the kids' prior 3rd grade knowledge, preliminarily placing them in groups according to their skill levels, and I taught them all kinds of procedures. My method to my madness is that if I start out tame and reserved, but still warm and friendly, the kids will be eager to see what is next, and they will respect me more than if I started out as their best friend. No one likes it when their best friend has to reprimand them, and that is what inevitably happens. The kids feel betrayed by my sudden authority after they think I am all about fun and games. No more rookie mistakes for this 3rd year veteran!

Nah...actually I am FAR from a vet. I just have more experience under my belt which gives me a slightly elevated boost of confidence. I have redone my room and my thinking for this year, and I look forward to sharing my new revelations with you along the way.
My new and improved reading area

Anyway -- another friend has joined the marriage club! We went to our high school friend's (Cody Lee) wedding on Saturday in Muncie. He married his long-time girlfriend, Ashli. We had a lot of fun (scratch that, a TON of fun) catching up with some old friends and watching another beautiful couple tie the knot! Marriage is a wonderful thing! (most of the time)

Well...Luke said he wanted some Cold Stone, so I am not going to delay. This is a rare occasion for HIM to ask for ice cream! Better capitalize!

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