Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beginning to look a lot like Fall!

I am in much better spirits as I write this new post. The last one...must have been a pregnancy hormone dip or something. That happens sometimes. I get overwhelmed with life and would rather throw a pity party than do anything about it. Thankfully, I can snap out of those moods pretty easily.

Anyway, Luke and I had an amazingly wonderful weekend. Friday night was rainy and dreary, but we enjoyed a dinner at Olive Garden anyway. I love their salad so much! Oh, don't go thinking I am healthy. I had salad before my 3 breadsticks, and I had 3 breadsticks before my high calorie pasta meal. The waiter informed me that what I chose is this highest calorie item on the menu. Of course he told me this after I had eaten half of it. I chose to take the rest home! It was shrimp and chicken carbonara in case you were wondering! :-) We also went to a couple of shops at the Hamilton Town Center before we headed home to watch a movie. I crashed on the couch early, but Luke enjoyed it!

Saturday morning, I woke up and went straight for the fridge where a can of cinnamon rolls were waiting to be baked. I have been wanting cinnamon rolls for about a week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), so finally I made some. Yummy! Once we got ready, we headed South for the Mt. Saint Francis picnic in New Albany. We made a stop at the Edinburgh Outlets where I bought my first baby outfit. I couldn't resist. It is for a little girl, and it has pandas on it. Pandas are my sorority's mascot, so I had to get it just in case it is a girl and just in case she wants to join AOII. So cute! I also got a Colts maternity T-shirt so that I can be a stylish fan the whole season through.

When we made it to the picnic (it's really like a festival), we hung out with family as everyone took turns manning the cake booth. It was BEAUTIFUL outside...and I managed to get some color in my face, probably more than I have had all summer! We stayed with Seth & Liz, which is always fun because we get extra time with them and our nephews...and we always eat good food and talk about random things. There's never a dull moment at their house with a 2 year old and an 8 month old! :-)

Today we enjoyed some more beautiful weather, and we were outside most of the day! We went to Huber Winery where we were able to pick our own apples. It reminded me of the days when I would drive to Bloomington to see Luke in college and we would visit Musgrave Orchard. Such fond memories of Bloomington in the fall. We had so much fun watching the boys play and being outside on a breezy, sunny day.

When we got home, we took a nice walk around the neighborhood and opened our windows in our house. I absolutely love this time of year!

It's so easy to spend time worrying about the negative things...and to pick apart what's wrong in the world....but today, we focused on all that is good, which is our family, our friends, our marriage, our home, our is just so good-- never perfect, but so good.

Next weekend...Notre Dame game with mom, dad, and brother. So excited! :-)

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