Sunday, August 23, 2009

Indiana State Fair!

Luke and I had a wonderful time visiting the State Fair last night! We went with our friends, Chris and Megan, and Megan's parents. It was a very pleasant August evening with a great breeze. We saw all the animals and farm equipment galore, but the highlight of the day was the food! All together, our group of 6 consumed:

Pork sandwiches
Cheddar nuggets
Honey ice cream
Honey combs
Honey sticks
Chocolate dipped ice cream cone
Chocolate covered bacon
Fried cookie dough balls (my personal favorite)
and...Chris had some tomato juice which was the only thing with nutritional value.

The fried cookie dough balls (pictured below) were amazingly good. Luke kept reiterating, "Well, it's a once a year thing. ONCE a year..." but I hate to break it to him that I found a recipe online and intend on trying to make these on my own. :-)


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