Monday, September 28, 2009

15 Weeks!

WooHOO! I am almost 4 months along! I am super happy with each passing week-- as I know that the baby is getting bigger and healthier. My mom reminded me that at around 26-27 weeks, the baby is considered viable, which is really not too far away and provides a bit of reassurance as I wait out these next few months. Someone tonight at Zumba told me that Easter was less than 6 months away, which means that the baby will be here by then! So exciting!

Not everything has been so exciting, however. Last week, the other lady at my school who is pregnant, Debbie, and I were talking about her maternity leave situation. She got some unexpected news about the perameters of her leave, and it made me really freak out about mine. I immediately called HR and set up an appointment to go in and discuss what my options will be in March. I go tomorrow, and I am relieved to just get all my ducks in a row and go from there. Certain aspects of being pregnant are just really stressful...and I can hear the choir now, saying, "Well, didn't you think of that before you decided to have a baby?" Yes...we thought about it. But like people always say, if you wait until you are 100% ready financially and logistically, you will wait forever. Luke and I will get through anything together with the support from those around us. I am not too worried.

My biggest worry for now is childcare. I am terrified of someone else watching our baby! Of course I will trust friends and family, but we don't have a lot of options in that department. I am weighing a lot of options right now, and ultimately I pray that we keep our family's needs in top priority. We will be guided to the right decision, and sacrifices will be made. I know there will soon be the first of many, many sacrifices we will make during our children's lives.

Well-- a pregnant lady has to eat! Have a great night!

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