Wednesday, May 5, 2010

30 Day Shred - Day 14

I took yesterday off, but in my "off time" I did manage to go to the gym and run for 20 minutes straight on the treadmill! I bought one of those nifty Nike Plus things that go in your shoes (in my new Livestrong Nikes!) to calculate your distance, pace, calories, etc. It was pretty cool and motivating to see that I did 2.71 miles total (including my 5 min. warm up and cool down) and all in all at under an 11 min. pace as an average. When I was running, it said I was at an under 9 min. pace. This is good for me...considering "speedy" was never an adjective anyone used to describe me.

But, I put Noelle in her bouncy chair and managed to simultaneously complete day 14 of the Shred AND win Mother of the Year because I did in fact hear (yes, hear) Noelle have a blowout, but did I stop the DVD to change her? No. I was on the last circuit and thought that surely 2 more minutes wouldn't kill her. I know. Report me to CPS immediately.

On that note (the note of poop), Noelle's bowels have been moving quite nicely this week. In fact, since Saturday, I think she has had 3 massive poopy blowouts! Yay for her! I think this is one of those times when they say, "You know you're a mom celebrate your kid's disgusting poops!"

Two cheers for busting a move and busting a diaper!

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  1. I know I'm not the only one who reads this blog, but I looove reading your perspective on life as a new mom. I'm very proud of you and Noelle...blowouts and all. Love, Mom