Friday, May 7, 2010

Poor Baby

The tears are over. The pain is gone.

Oh, and Noelle is doing fine, too.

Yes, today was the day of the immunizations at the doctor's office. My sweet girl will be two months old on Tuesday (unbelievable), and today was her well-baby visit.

She did great for the first part. She weighs just under 11 lbs (around 50th percentile) and measures almost 24 inches (which is like the 85th percentile)! She laid on her belly and lifted her head up for the doctor, showing off all her baby skills.

The poor baby didn't know what was coming, though. I got her all cozy and warm, but then I had to lay her down on the table and watch the nurse viciously jab (OK...not really...she was very gentle) a needle in my baby's chubby little thighs not once...not twice...but three times. It's honestly difficult for me to write about because I am recalling the memory of seeing her sweet face go from wide eyed and adorable to bright red, mouth gaping open, trying to cry but no sound coming out. It seriously was several seconds before the poor thing took a gasp of air.

When she was all done, Noelle just looked at me and threw her arms out, screaming, tears coming down (does this rip your heart out yet?), and I picked her up and held her tighter than ever before. She calmed down pretty quickly, and the nurse did give her some pretty awesome silver holographic band-aids.

I got her home and fed her and gave her the first dose of infant Tylenol. She has now been sleeping for close to two hours.

Noelle won't remember this day...but I will as the day that I officially became a mom. No, I know I birthed the child two months ago...but when you cry because your child is in pain, and you would do anything to take it away (the thought flashed through my head-- THE KID NEEDS AN ICE CREAM CONE!) have truly arrived to Parenthood.

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