Sunday, August 17, 2008

Almost spilled the beans...

We are getting so anxious to tell people the good news. We hung out with Abe & E today and just wanted to go ahead and spill the beans. However, we didn't, figuring it was probably bad luck to say anything before an official report from the doc. So, we are waiting until hopefully no later than Sept. 13...which is a family cookout we are arranging for the event. We hope both sides of family can make it so we can reveal in style. 

I read in the book that I can gain 30 lbs during the pregnancy. Now that just can't happen! I also read about labor and all the horrible things that happen leading up to it...current biggest fear is pooping on the table. What an unpleasant thought....

We discussed today if we should make plans to deliver in Muncie or in Indy, given that I spend just about equal time in both cities. We decided on Indy, probably Community North off 82nd street...hopefully if I go into labor in Muncie, someone can drive me to Indy. We are thinking of a list of "reliable" people we can hire for the job... :-)

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