Thursday, September 3, 2009

Am I weird?

I hate not knowing what my baby is doing and if he/she/Birl (Baby Boy-Girl as we call it) is doing OK. I wish I had my own ultrasound machine, as I would spend all day hooked up to it just watching the baby do its thing. Oh no...I can see it now...I will be the mom following my kid around with a camcorder strapped to my hand for the rest of its life!

Anyway, I have contemplated renting a fetal doppler for a while now. For those of you not in tune with prego-lingo, it is a device that allows you to hear the heartbeat. You can rent them for pretty cheap online, so I decided to get one. I am renting one for 3 months, figuring that by 3 months from now, I will be 6 months pregnant and I will feel that baby kicking around. Those kicks will be all the reassurance I need. Right now, I just want to hear that heart beating away!

It was pretty cheap, and I am excited for it to come in the mail! If you're wondering, I got it at


  1. Hey...just be careful with those things...don't let it scare you too much. I was always told not to get one because there was a chance that some times you wouldn't be able to hear the heartbeat. But it will be so great when you can :-)

  2. Super cool Ashley! Jake tried to find Cole's heartbeat with the stethoscope about 100 times...haha...he could NEVER find it (even after the point where OBs are actually able to find it with a normal stethoscope...bahaha, poor Jake.)