Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby Hats!

Today, I went to Target with Jenn. We were in the baby section, and I was talking about how Luke and I wanted to present the baby to the family for the first time in a hat that gave away the sex of the baby (pink for girl, blue for boy). They didn't have a wide selection of knit baby hats at Target, so I got online when I got home and started searching. I found some, anywhere from $5-$15 each, and given that I would need to have two, one for either possibility, I wasn't too keen on spending that kind of money.

A blog article came up in the search about how to make a hat out of an old T-shirt. I have a lot of old T-shirts I have been saving for a quilt, so I decided to try it. I took my Wes-Del Has-Been cheerleading camp t-shirt and my first AOII bid day t-shirt and made them into cute little hats!

For extra style, I attached a bow to the pink one so that Noelle, if we have a Noelle, can be girly and frilly from the start.
Here's the link of the blog where I found this idea. Cute, cheap, and fun! (very easy, too!)

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