Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

My first post of the new year! I can't believe I have been keeping up with this blog for over a year. It's so cool to look back on things, the good and bad, that I have written about.

We rang in the new year with some friends last night. It was a lot of fun, and I couldn't help but think about how we would be celebrating the new year next year. Will we be home by ourselves with the baby? Will we be at a party while the baby is at a babysitter's? Will we have friends and family at our house? How will life be different a year from now?

I am also thinking about how life is going to be different, starting today. You guessed it folks-- it's RESOLUTION time! Allison calls them goals. Jenn calls them life shifts. I am not sure what mine are called, but I am going to give them an honest try. (Try to keep the "yeah, right's" and "keep dreaming" comments to yourself)

1. School - I have about 10 weeks left of school before I go on leave, and by golly I am going to make the most of them! I will be prepared each week, I will inspire creativity, and I will change some lives! :-) (it's ok, I laughed out loud on that one, too.) No, but seriously, I am going to be prepared for the next day before I leave at night just in case the baby decides to come unexpectedly. (don't get any ideas, Baby.)

2. Health - I want to give birth to this baby 10 lbs (or less) heavier than what I am now. I do not want to gain over 35 lbs with this pregnancy. I have about 10 weeks to go, so that is a pound a week. I know the baby will put on pounds rapidly, and that is fine-- but I don't want anything extra on my butt or on my arms. I went to the gym today to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I ate pretty well today, and I am going to make more of an effort to eat more vegetables and less junk. I obviously have goals for after the baby is born, but I am just going to wait and see before I put those in writing.

3. Money - Luke and I need to adhere to a pretty strict, cash only budget. We need to set money aside for diapers, my insurance increase by switching to the family plan, and daycare. We need to eat out less (started that tonight by making a Rachael Ray turkey shepherd's pie tonight instead of going out) and save some of that money for other things.

4. Personal Growth - I am far from perfect. I will never be. I make mistakes...say and do stupid things. I am far from the best wife, friend, daughter, and sister. I think I lack a maturity level that is becoming more and more necessary. It's time for me to get there. I know that looking into my child's eyes for the first time will help to expedite the process, but I don't want to wait until March for the growth to begin. It needs to start how I handle situations that make me upset, in how I handle jealousy and envy, in how I handle situations that make me uncomfortable....I am 25-- closer to 26...I think it's time. (doesn't mean I can't still laugh at the 1,000 fart noises Abe has on his phone-- somethings are just funny.)

I have more, but those are the biggies. I hope you are able to set some goals and have plans to achieve them, too. Few things are more refreshing than the start of a new year!

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