Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sucker for a Sale!

I am such a sucker for a sale. I blame my mom. She taught me how to be a bargain hunter at a young age. We never bought much if it wasn't on sale, but if it was on sale, we went hog wild! I have heard that a deal isn't really a deal unless you really need it, and I have tried to apply that to my adult life as finances have rested entirely on my two shoulders. What I found today at Carter's and Baby Depot, I believe, are needs and will be put to great use soon!

I went to Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory first. Burlington Coat Factory really perplexes me because it is not just coats. Why is it named this? It is really like a TJ Maxx. It has really good prices, but I don't frequent there much because it is usually very disorganized and messy. I don't like to have to step over items on the floor to get to something else or see nothing in its proper place. However, I went in because I had an advertisement for the breast pump that I wanted being sold at 25% off. Men, you will probably want to quit reading because this really won't interest you.

My knowledgeable friend Jenna, mother of Miss Avigail, has helped me to realize that I should not but a cheap breast pump. I need to get one that works well and works quickly. She speaks very highly of her Medela brand pump, so I decided a while ago that I would want that one, too. I have done a lot of research on prices, and the cheapest I could find was on Amazon for about $250. They list in stores at almost $300. Yes, that IS a lot of money for those of you thinking that same thing. However, I will use it for a while with this baby, and then if I am blessed with any subsequent children, I will use it with them. Hospitals rent them for $40 a month or so, but they aren't that portable (from what Jenna says), and if you use it for 6 months, which most people do (or more), then you will have already paid for your own if you would have just bought it in the first place. This also isn't the type of thing you can buy used...for obvious reasons!

So...I ducked into Baby Depot, stepped over piles of disorganized clothes and other items, and I found two Medela pumps. One was just the type I was looking for, regularly priced at $279.99. I took it up to the register and the lady scanned it at $209! $70 OFF! I had to get it! I knew I wouldn't find it cheaper than that, so I went ahead and jumped on it. YAY!

Then I went to Carter's. The window said take an extra 30% off the already low clearance price, so why not? I went in and fell in love with a ton of adorable stuff. Some for girls, some for boys, and a lot that could work for both. I found a variety of sizes, and I even found some great holiday specific stuff for WAYYYYY cheap. I paid $46.52 for 13 items, most of them 2 or 3 piece sets (including tax).

I always love to check my receipt and add up what it would have cost me if I would have paid full price for my sale items. This goes back to when I would help my mom shop for Angel Kids, her charity she does for needy families at Christmas, and we would get things on mega-sale and then figure what we WOULD have paid. It is always so rewarding to that (and it takes away a tiny bit of guilt!).

I added it up, and I WOULD have spent $196 on the clothes I bought! So, basically I saved $150. WOW!

So, between the clothes and the pump, I saved a whopping $220 today. I am very happy with this and excited to add more to the baby collection.
Baby E, get here SOON! (but not too soon)

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  1. Your friend is completely right---initially I bought the Avent single electric which was fairly nice. Then when I realized I needed something better I bought the Medela Freestyle (20% off at BB&B) which is AWESOME! Good choice ;-)