Monday, January 25, 2010

Sleepless in Indianapolis

Pardon the stupid title. I am going on a few hours of zzzzzzz....

I have tossed and turned since about 2:30 up, used the bathroom, got some water, tossed some more...finally at about 3:15 I turned on the TV to catch up on this weekend's DVR. At about 4:45, I made it official and got up. I am so anxious....for the weeks to go by....for things at school to develop....for Baby E. It's absolutely maddening! I want to control everything, and I can't! All I can do is dream about how this baby is going to enter this world, and I can't turn off my racing mind! I am jealous of Luke as I see him sleeping soundly in the other room. I am also jealous because he has today and tomorrow off. :-(

I suppose I could do a little weekend update (kind of like SNL, but not as funny). Luke had to work late until 11 on Friday night, so I spent the evening alone. I watched the Hope for Haiti Telethon, which was sad and uplifting all the same. I gave my humble donation and prayed that the world would also open their hearts to give what they could. I was thrilled to see that the telethon has made $57 million dollars so far. That is seriously unbelievable! I don't know how far that goes in the grand scheme to help an entire country in need, but it is a great start, for sure.

Saturday, we got up and headed to New Albany for our 2nd baby shower! Liz and E put on a great shower, and Luke's aunts, cousins, grandma, sister (Clare), and mom attended. My mom and dad even came down for the event. We again were spoiled with great items for Baby E. My mind is stumped as to where we will put all of this stuff, but it is really fun looking at all of it until we find a place. Again, people have been so generous and giving to us! Very overwhelming!

Saturday night, we all hung out and enjoyed time together, eating Chinese and playing Bananagrams. Good times!

Sunday was church, then a birthday party for Gus & Sol! I can't believe that soon Gus will be 3, and Solomon just turned 1. I know it won't be long before I am saying this about my own child. Where does the time go? I remember them both being so little and helpless...and now they are walking, talking, running, laughing, playing, learning...all the time. It's so crazy.

Of course, we watched the big Colts game, complete with a WIN against the Jets and our second trip to the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for February 7th! I was a senior in college when they went to Miami and won their first title, and now, 3 years later, they are going back to Miami to do it again! We stayed up to see that they will be playing the Saints, which will surely make for some great news coverage given that Drew Brees went to Purdue, Peyton's dad Archie played for the Saints, both teams were top ranked in AFC and NFC, both teams "could" have had undefeated seasons (or so everyone thought...even though the Saints' losses were a little more legitimate than us just letting the other teams win), both teams with the most prolific offenses in the NFL, and this being Peyton's 2nd trip to Miami to win a Super Bowl within 3 years. I expect a lot of drama and suspense over these next two weeks. Bring it on!!!

Well, I think that does it for now. I should get up and make good use of my extra time this morning. I get observed by my principal today, which always makes me nervous. I could always get to school early to prepare. Our last childbirth class is tonight, and we are at 57 days for the baby countdown! :-)

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