Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My First Baby Shower!

I am sitting here, looking over the top of my computer screen at the pile of baby shower gifts I received today at my school baby shower. This shower was special to me because it was my first baby shower. I still can't believe I am having a baby. Wow!

Anyway, Baby E is already so loved. I just can't handle it. It's so nice to witness the generosity of others. It is very inspiring and makes me want to do good for others.

We received so many wonderful gifts, sentiments, and well-wishes for our family. It was double the fun, too, because Debbie, my colleague who teaches Kindergarten, is due in February, so this was a joint shower. It was fun to share the experience with her and be "showered" together! (that sounded weird!)

As I sit here and imagine my small child taking a bath in the adorable whale bathtub received today, or eating in the portable high chair, or being snuggled in the sweet blankets, I can't help but think of others who have nothing. I belong to BabyCenter and read their message boards quite a lot. There are moms on there complaining because the shower they had was not the theme they wanted, and then there are moms who comment and say, "At least you got a shower. We have to pay for everything ourselves." I feel blessed to say that I had one today, have one planned for this weekend, and have one planned for Feb. 6th. Again, I am undeserving of this, but I just tell myself this is all for Baby E, and Baby E deserves the best.

I also think of the people in Haiti. The children who have died. The families who have been destroyed. What little possessions they had are completely gone. With all the devastation that has happened, it sure seems silly to be bitchin' about a baby shower's theme, huh?

Debbie & Me
Cute cake! :-)

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