Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, I am almost to my 36th week pregnancy mark. This is very exciting! I flip-flip between being happy to be almost done and sad for the same reason. I really have enjoyed being pregnant, probably a lot more than some other women who have had a horrific time. I have had a few isolated bumps in the road, but all signs point to Baby E being healthy (please, God), and me being healthy as well. My blood pressure continues to be really good at my appointments, my weight has stabilized, and I feel pretty good MOST of the time.

I haven't done one of these in a while, so here goes!
P.S. I know I am behind in updating pics of the nursery, posting about our maternity pictures, and other things. I am working on it!

How far along? 35, almost 36 weeks! Officially 9 months!

Total weight gain: As of this morning, looks like 33 big ones!

Sleep: Not so good. I toss and turn, get up to pee a lot, and I wake up REALLY early (despite having 5 snow days in the past week and a couple delays, I woke up at 4:30-5 each morning). Sleeping is pretty much pointless for me because I don't enjoy it. I feel that I am in training for dealing with a newborn, so I am OK with this.

Best moment this week: Hmmm.... I have had a bazillion snow days, so I would say that being productive and getting things knocked off the to-do list left and right was pretty good. Also a great Valentine's Day with my husband at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

Movement: It is decreasing. Nothing too worrisome (though I worry all the time), but the baby just kinda kicks and bumps and thumps around....not much room left!

Gender: My answer is always "I still feel like it is a girl." My coworker who also did not know the sex of her baby delivered this week via C-section and had a boy, and everyone always said that we would have the opposite because we looked so different pregnant. We will see! I also had another girl dream last night.

Labor Signs: I have had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, and I am convinced that last Thursday I had an hour of "real" ones (they were painful and were every 10 minutes for an hour). They stopped before I could get worried/excited that something was happening.

Belly Button in or out? Pretty much flat.

Cravings: Everything. I love eating right now.

What I miss: Not sure....!

What I am looking forward to: My doc. appointment on Tuesday. I get another ultrasound to determine Baby E's position (please be head down!)! I start going every week now until delivery!

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