Sunday, March 21, 2010

A request

Just a little request for prayer. With the birth of my sweet little girl, Noelle, I feel the weight of the responsibility of caring for her financially now more than ever. I am the bread-winner in my family, like it or not, for at least one more year before Luke begins his residency and therefore brings home a paycheck. With all of the horrendous budget cuts that schools are having to make (Mitch Daniels = not my favorite person), my corporation will have to RIF (reduction in force) 7 elementary teachers. I am not sure where I fall...I think I am above this line with my years of experience....but I am not sure. It is possible that I could be let go due to the budget cuts, and this thought terrifies me. I lose sleep over it. My stomach hurts over it. I look at my precious Noelle's face and realize the gravity of the situation...she is depending on me to provide for her, and I want to be able to do that.

I am not only asking for prayer for myself-- that I will survive whatever happens with the RIF situation and be able to find a new beginning at another school if that is what I have to do, but I also ask for prayer for the other teachers across the state who are being RIF'd and left with a pretty desperate situation as it comes to finding a new job.

These really are sad economic times, and it seems like the focus is all on healthcare right now, but our education system is quickly going down the shitter, too.

Here's to being optimistic...


  1. I got my RIF notice 2 weeks ago from MVHS so I'm one of those many teachers you talk about. It is a very frustrating world we are working in right now :(

  2. I saw that Jenna, and I hate it for you. I have my fingers crossed...

  3. (this is Allison... I don't have an account...)

    According to my mother, who has an "in" since she's a principal, all 3rd years are safe. Is one of the teachers at your building leaving on her own? Mom said that without the teacher resigning, one of the 3rd year teachers was going to be RIFed but that since she's leaving anyway it will only be all 1st and 2nd year teachers being RIFed. Rest easy, my friend! My school corp., on the other hand, hasn't even begun to talk about budget cuts I feel like (or maybe I just don't know about the plans...) So hopefully my job is safe too!!!