Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finally! Crispy potato wedges!

I love looking for recipes online, and I love looking at the photos of the pictures. Food photography might become a new hobby of mine.

Anyway, what I tend to notice about the food photography is that my stuff never looks like it does in the pictures, especially when it comes to anything that is supposed to be breaded or crispy. Instead of golden brown and even-textured, my food usually looks like the breading is half falling off and not all the way done. Not cool.

However, I found a site that actually shows videos on how to make the food, which was particularly helpful when I wanted to make crispy potato wedges as a side to last night's dinner!

Here is watcha do--

Preheat oven to 425.

1. Get potatoes. I used 4 medium-ish red skinned potatoes (because that is all we had, and Luke didn't have his phone with him when he went to the store last night, so when I called him to ask for Idaho potatoes, his phone was actually ringing under a pillow on our couch).

2. Wash potatoes.

3. Cut potatoes in half length-wise, and then cut each half in half again, length-wise. Now you have four wedges per potato.

4. Put potatoes in a large bowl.

5. Collect 'yer spices. I used paprika, italian seasoning, and plenty of salt.

6. Dump spices on potatoes.

7. Drizzle olive oil on potatoes and then mix around the oil and spices so that each potato is evenly coated.

8. Place potato wedges on a baking sheet. Start them out laying on one of the cut edges of the wedges. HA that rhymed!

9. Bake for 20 minutes.

10. Flip the wedges to the other edges. ;-)

11. Bake for another 15-20 minutes or so.

12. Take wedges out and then flip to the skin side and just let them sit on the warm sheet for a few minutes.

13. Put on your plate and ENJOY! They were soooo crispy and flavorful and yummy! I will definitely, definitely make these again!

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  1. Okay, seriously - I have tried a zillion different things to get my wedges to come out crispy, and they never do! Thanks for the tip!

    PS - next time, try coating some red potato wedges in a little EVOO and then a little rosemary and S/P. AMAZING!!