Friday, February 11, 2011

Not so long ago

Not so long ago, she couldn't hold her head steady on her shoulders, use her fingers to grasp her pacifier or mozzarella string cheese, or stand on her pretty little feet. She couldn't say "ba ba ba" or drink from a sippy cup. Not so long ago, she didn't have seven whole teeth or a head of light brown curls.

Now-- here she is...11 months old today. She's minutes away from walking on her own (without the shopping cart), she wears white tennis shoes with silver glitter velcro straps, and she's just barely in 12 month clothes. Her legs are short like her mama's.

Oh...and she ate spaghetti at day care this week. SPAGHETTI.

I can't believe that in a few short weeks, we will have a little birthday party for this tyke. I know that this is now my life....watching the years go by and wondering where they all went.

Happy 11 Month Birthday, Baby! We love you!

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