Wednesday, February 9, 2011

McFatty Failure

Well...I have been putting this post off for a couple of days because I didn't want to face the reality of what as been going on in my life.

A whole lotta this...

And nothing of this... graph this week looks like this:

Yep. Somehow I gained 2 pounds this week. Sucky suck suck suck. 
It must have had something to do with being home for 4 days due to snow & well as all that Pioneer Woman cooking I have been doing. Damn her and her affinity for butter.

I wasn't going to post at all...and I briefly considered lying and saying I just stayed the same...but I didn't. I wanted to be honest and admit that something must need tweaking around here because I have a big goal to reach by the time my vacation to Kiawah comes around in 114 days. 

You might be wondering if I have picked back up the fast food habit. The answer would be a big, fat, muffin top NOOOOOO! I haven't had a burger, fry, nugget, or anything of the sort from any fast food restaurant since way back in 2010. I am extremely proud of this. However, I must admit I have picked up a McD's Diet Coke several times in the past week. I feel myself being tempted and wanting to give in.  

Temptations are everywhere. At the store, I see donuts, chips, cookies, and other wonderful things that make me want to rip open the boxes and just devour the goods right then and there...National Geographic style.

So...I might have fallen off the wagon a little, but I am going to get back on and achieve this goal... because Heaven only knows how badly I DON'T want to be a muffin top in a bikini.

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