Tuesday, September 8, 2009

12 Weeks!

Well, I am almost out of the first trimester! Pregnancy is funny because if you think in terms of 1 month = 4 weeks, most people think that the end of 12 weeks is the end of the first trimester. However, not true. You have to wait to the end of the 13th week. Boo! I am ready to read a different chapter in my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book. Oh well...it will come soon enough!

We took the first "baby bump" picture. I really just look a little bloated, and I did eat dinner right before the picture, so it might be that, but I guess if you look closely you can see a little bump. The baby is only about 2 inches long right now, so it's not like I should be huge yet anyway.
Over the Labor Day weekend, we got a wild hair up our butts and bought some paint and painted the baby room. I am a little nervous about the color right now, as it is pretty bright green, but I think we some accessories and some great art on the walls, it will look really great. I am just a little freaked out because we have never put a color that bright on any of our walls! It is very young and fun and playful, which is what you want a baby room to be!
I am anxious to get out and bargain hunt for more perfect items for the baby room!

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