Saturday, September 19, 2009

Operation: Simplicity

This weekend, I have big plans for myself. Because my classroom was about 1,000 degrees on Friday, I couldn't stay as late as I wanted to in order to get all my plans in line for next week. I decided to leave and take everything home with me. Now, this has never been a good idea for me in the past, as my teacher stuff usually never makes it out of the car when I take it home. However, I most definitely plan on getting it done and being productive. I will have to do that in between meeting Jenn for coffee, hanging out with Elizabeth today, and going to Bloomington to see Jenna & Ken's new beautiful baby girl, Avigail tomorrow! :-)

I also have big plans to go through my closet. I don't think I am going to get rid of anything permanently, but, let's face it, I have clothes that I am quickly growing out of and I think it would make getting dressed easier in the morning if I weeded through the stuff that just doesn't fit or look right and put it in a box for the next 6 months. I find myself each morning standing in our closet going, "I have nothing to wear!" I know that isn't true, but I get overwhelmed by all the clothes that I simply cannot wear (for fear of looking ridiculous with my little beer...I mean baby...belly poking out). If I find some things I can live without in the process and happen to donate them to Goodwill, I think that is a bonus.

Luke and I live in excess....we have 100 old magazines, books we don't read, notes and bills that we have collected over the years....and even though I feel like I go through my closets in a fit of rage or, as I used to say in college, a tornado of anger, every few months, we still seem to accumulate so much....shit (have to call it like I see it).

With the baby coming, I really want to eliminate as much excess possible, as I know that our lives and home will soon be overtaken by brightly colored, plastic light-up toys and pastel blankets and stuffed toys. Our tiny home already feels like it is bursting at the seams, and we have only been in here for less than a year and a half! We have high hopes of staying here through residency (God willing Luke is placed in Indianapolis), and if that is going to happen, we need to MAKE ROOM!

Luke and I are so busy and tired throughout the week with the stresses of school that we really don't do much weekly maintenance of our home. This is a bad habit to have been in for over two years, but today, it stops! I promise...I swear!

Anyway, with all this talk of productivity, I should probably close my computer and get started. Oh and there's Jenn! I guess work will have to wait!

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