Sunday, September 6, 2009

Welcome to Notre Dame

Few things compare to a football game at Notre Dame. It is just an A+ place to get a huge atmosphere on a small campus. The tradition and pride and loyalty are truly marvelous. We always look forward to our next trip to South Bend.

This was our third game. My parents take the whole family (including my 9-hour-away-brother) once a year so that we can do something all together. Our common interest is football. Mom & Christian are probably the bigger ND fans, Dad probably takes the cake on Tennessee (Vols that is, not Titans), and I think I can have the title of #1 Colts Fan of the family...however we all love all three of the teams mentioned. Thankfully, we have all been blessed to have seen our favorite teams play in person, which is truly a fortunate thing to experience!

Anywho...September 5 was Notre Dame's opening game of the season against Nevada. They pulled off an amazing 35-0 win, which was so much fun to watch! The weather was great, though a little hot at times, our seats were perfect (highest row of the stadium which caught an incredible breeze and had a great view of the whole field as well as the campus behind us), and the atmosphere didn't disappoint. My only complaint of the day was the 30 minute wait we endured in some blazing heat while we tried to get into the stadium. Our gate where our seats were happened to be the only gate the students can go into, so we were absolutely surrounded by students and it was insanely crowded. It took a long time to get in, but it was worth it.

Being my 3rd time to the campus, I didn't take as many pictures. Trust me, though, it was beautiful.

Going to those games always make me wish I went to Notre Dame...but then I remember how there is no way I could have ever gotten in! Oh well...I still love my BSU!

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