Tuesday, December 29, 2009

27 & 28 Weeks

I am behind on my posting, and everything feels pretty out of whack right now, but I didn't want to forget to update about the pregnancy! I am now in week 28, and feeling pretty darn good. I have been blessed to feel WONDERFUL this entire pregnancy. I know so many women have it much worse, so I am really counting my blessings. My only real complaint is sleep (can't find a comfortable position), and my right hip has been hurting since about October. It feels caught in that uncomfortable place right before it needs to pop, but it won't pop. It makes me walk like a grandma and doesn't allow me to get up off the floor very easily, but other than that, I am A-OK!

I go back to the doc in just a couple of weeks, and then after that, I am on 2 week appointments. Crazy! I still haven't heard back from my glucose test, but I am assuming (hopefully I don't look like an ass) that I am OK because I would think that they would have notified me by now if I needed to be retested. I will call after lunch and see.

Since all the "scrutiny" about my size (hahah...this is me, being dramatic), I have been watching pretty closely and according to MY scale, I haven't gained anything since my doc appointment a week ago. I am hoping that I am doing the right thing and not "packing it on" too heavily. I hate being concerned about weight when I am trying to grow an extra human inside my body...it's a lot to think about!

Anyway-- I am now officially in trimester 3! Luke has predicted that the baby will arrive in early March. I am still hoping for an on-due-date arrival. However, it's pretty awesome to think that really anywhere from about 9-12 weeks from now, we will have our child with us! We have a lot to do-- still a lot of living, learning, and growing to do...but we will get there.

27 Weeks

28 Weeks

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