Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Craziness Comes to an End

Luke and I had a great Christmas celebration. It lasted from Wednesday the 23rd to the 26th, and it was full of family, traveling, gifts, children, good food, and not a lot of sleep. I have been counting down to Christmas since early November, and it just a couple of days, it quickly came to an end. I think this is the first Christmas where I am not that sad, however. I know that a much better gift and celebration are in store in just about 12 weeks (or less!).

We have had the tradition to celebrate our own personal Christmas a couple days before. Luke had an exam on the 23rd in the morning, and then we spent the whole day together. We finished some last minute shopping, ate lunch, and opened our gifts together. We finished the evening with a great dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. I had ribs, and boy did I love them! Luke did really well for me this year. He got me a couple of hats that I asked for, some books, a necklace, and Wii Sports Resort! So fun! :-) I got him his coat back in November, plus some socks and boxers, fleece pants, and a CamelBak water backpack for when he runs or bikes.

We headed to Muncie after dinner to see my family because my brother and his girlfriend surprised my mom by coming in from Missouri. She didn't think they would be able to come until after Christmas, but they surprised her early. We all knew they were coming except her. It was hard to keep the secret, but fun to lie and get her all riled up! :-) We spent the evening playing the Wii, which ended up with me having a sore shoulder and arm for two days because of the sword fighting game.

Thursday was Christmas Eve. It was low-key. Luke and I went to a couple of stores and killed time until we all went to Mass. We ate some good food, watched the traditional Simpsons Christmas and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (like we have EVERY year since I can remember-- still on VHS with original early 90's commercials), and then we all sat down like a nice little family and watched The Hangover! Not exactly your typical family movie. I warned my mom and dad that it was pretty lewd and crude...and I think after the first 50 F-bombs they got used to it and thought it was funny. This has become somewhat of a new tradition, because we watched Step Brothers last year.

Friday was Christmas...and we all, including our baby, were treated very well by Santa. I am overwhelmed at how much "Santa" is able to do for us...we are very lucky. Just a few of our favorite surprises were a GPS, our baby's travel system, the baby's swing, the car seat, and tons of other fun baby stuff.

After my family's Christmas was over, we headed to New Albany to see Luke's huge family for Christmas. There were probably 50 people at his grandma's tiny house on Christmas night, but it was fun and I can't wait to add our little Max or Noelle to the mix next year!

The day after Christmas, we spent it with Seth and Liz and the boys. I love our nephews! They are the cutest! We had so much fun seeing them and their excitement for Christmas. The girls split from the boys, and we did some shopping, eating, and then joined back up with the men for Avatar 3D. I can't believe I went and saw it, but I actually liked it. So there, Luke. You win.

The boys and girls split again and hung out at two different houses. All the aunts and female cousins played games and ate some food while the men and boys played poker. It was awesome to hang out with so many people and laugh so much.

We headed back on Sunday, leaving 45 degree, sunny weather in New Albany and returning to snowy, cold Indy weather. We put away all our gifts and cleaned our house...everything looks great! Mom and Dad brought our big gifts that wouldn't fit in the car down and watched the UNFORTUNATE Colts game with us. I am still reeling at how you can have a chance at history and go undefeated, but yet you think playing it safe and pulling star players out in the 3rd quarter is a good idea. Why are they so worried about injuries? These men are huge. They are strong. They are smart. I don't get it.

Anyway-- that was our Christmas in a nutshell! I hope everyone's was full of love and laughter....and the spirit of Christmas lasts the whole year through!

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