Monday, December 21, 2009

Glucose Test

Well, I had my infamous glucose test today. My mom was able to go with me to check out the hospital and see the beautiful Community North facilities.

I was handed a fruit punch flavored "drink" that was just kinda like thicker Kool-Aid, but I had to chug it in 5 minutes. I didn't really feel yucky until about a 1/2 hour later. I had to wait an hour to have my blood drawn, so in that time, I was able to go to my regular OB appointment, then go back down to get my blood drawn.

My mom got to meet my doctor, and she also got to hear the heartbeat, which was going strong at about 150 beats per minute. Though my belly is measuring right at 27 weeks like it is supposed to, the doc made a comment about my weight gain...that I am on the above normal range. Boo. This makes me sad and self-conscious. According to their scales, I am up 25 lbs. However, I weighed in 8lbs heavier at my appointment than what I did this morning on my scale at home. Who knows. I just hate all the judgments about pregnancy weight gain. Everyone thinks you're either too big or too small...compared to how they were when they were pregnant or compared to some chart. It sucks. Gone are the days of pregnant women being able to pretty much eat what they want (within reason). I know it is for the health of the baby, but I also know that an ice cream sundae every now and then isn't going to hurt anyone. Besides, that's calcium, right?

I won't know my results about my sugar test until at least Wednesday, maybe next Monday because of the holiday. If I fail this test, I will have to go back to have a 2nd one to determine if I have gestational diabetes. Fingers crossed!

Good news is my blood pressure was great. 116/60. We're quickly moving along to 28 weeks! :-)

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