Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's always something...

Just when I thought I was feeling better and everything was cool with Baby E 'n Me...I got a voicemail from my doc's office yesterday saying nothing but, "Call us when you get this." Hello, future healthcare professionals, please do not leave a cryptic message like that on a slightly (or not so slightly) neurotic pregnant lady's voicemail. I would at least like to know what it is about before I call.

Anyway, I called after school, and I got some news that my blood pressure was elevated Monday (which I thought was the case, given they took it twice, and the second time the nurse said-- "Oh that looks better) and I had protein in my urine. Sounds yummy, huh?

The issue is that these are symptoms of preeclampsia, a condition that can cause complications with the pregnancy. I could have a mild case, severe case, or none at all, but I have to go back in next week for another blood pressure reading and urinalysis.

If diagnosed with preeclampsia, I could be placed on bed rest, blood pressure medication (though not likely), mandated to eat a strict low-sodium diet ( = Hell on Earth for me!), and/or the baby could be delivered earlier than expected. I really hope that this was just a fluke, but I am trying to prepare for the worst here.

I am here to do one thing-- grow and deliver a healthy baby, so whatever helps me to do that, no matter how frustrating, annoying, or inconveniencing it is, I must comply!

I will give an update on this situation next week when I know more. Positive thoughts/encouragement are appreciated!

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