Tuesday, July 28, 2009

$150 Nursery

We have been collecting nursery furniture for quite some time. We always knew that children would be expensive, so we want to save money where we can.

Before we moved out of our apartment, we found this glider rocker near the dumpster. It was perfectly fine and in good shape. All it needed was a new cushion/cover. We reupholstered it ourselves. I reupholstered it again to be more "baby-ish."

Cost: Around $20 in fabric and supplies.

During the first pregnancy, we found a crib on Craig's list. It was $100 with a mattress. It has been in the attic for the past year, and it will do this baby just fine.

Cost: $100.

On Valentine's Day this past year, Luke and I went to antique stores in Noblesville. It was something we always wanted to do together. We found this little dresser that we thought would be perfect for a changing table someday. This summer, I refinished it with leftover paint from our kitchen cabinets. All it needs is a changing pad.

Cost: $20.

One day this summer, we went back to the antique stores in Noblesville and found this dresser. Believe it or not, it was $10. We painted it the same color as the changing table, still with leftover kitchen cabinet paint, and it looks amazing!

Cost: $10 freaking dollars!

So, for $150, we have all the nursery furniture necessary for our little one. Now we can spend the left over money on fun decorative items, toys, clothes, diapers, and of course, college. :-)

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