Monday, July 6, 2009

A Very "Unfourth" Fourth of July

For some, the Fourth of July is the midpoint of summer. For others, it is really when they feel summer is just beginning. For a few (like myself and my fellow teacher peers), it feels like summer is almost over (with teacher report day on August 10!)! Regardless, July 4th is a well-loved and highly anticipated holiday for all (Americans, that is), and it seems people are always scrambling to make plans and have a grand time.

But then...sometimes...Mother Nature interferes. This past July 4th, it rained, was gloomy, and was downright chilly at times. Thankfully, we didn't have any real firm plans...and we especially weren't planning to be on a boat, in water, or outdoors really. Our plan was to head to Muncie to spend time with Luke's family, as Seth and Liz and our awesome nephews, Gus and Sol, were in town. 

We arrived in the afternoon, and despite the dismal weather, spirits were high. We enjoyed some lunch and then decided it would be a perfect day to go to a movie. This is a July 4th First for me...I have never had the desire to see a movie on that day before. But...we had nothing else to do, so the girls (CeCe, Liz, and Elizabeth) and I went to see "The Proposal." I had already seen this with Luke on our date the previous Thursday (he treated me to try and cheer me up after my near-fatal mountain bike injuries), but it was just as cute the 2nd time around!

When it ended, we made a stop at the grocery to pick up some necessities (like ice cream). It was very common to see people in sweatshirts and rain gear. Sweatshirts!? Shouldn't it be like...95 degrees on July 4th? 

Anyway...we ate a nice dinner together and then fought our sleepy, slothful mentalities and made our way to watch Muncie fireworks. Normally, we go to Minnetrista and camp out on the lawn with blankets. However, it was drizzling and just not pleasant, so we had a great idea to go to the...('s a secret location that we hope to visit every single year because it was really a great view and not lips are sealed!). We made a stop at Starbucks for hot chocolate and coffee chocolate? In July? But it was a nice touch and made for a really cozy July 4th. 

I enjoyed every bit of the holiday, remembering my freedom and how lucky I am to have been born a U.S. Citizen. Even though I wasn't in a swimsuit...or downing beer....or watching my friends attack each other with bottle rockets...I had a great time with family enjoying the true meaning of Independence Day. I hope you did the same!

At our secret fireworks spot waiting for the show!

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