Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer To-Do List Update

Well, I only have about a month left of vacation, and I haven't done very much on this list! I need to get my butt in gear!

1. Steam clean carpets and hard floors
2. Wipe down all baseboards and doors
3. Clean windows from inside and outside
4. Dust every surface, including ceiling fans
5. Apply furniture polish/wood conditioner 
6. Clean kitchen cabinets
7. Deep clean both showers/tubs
8. Knock down any cobwebs in all corners of all rooms
9. Remove any marks/spots on walls
10. Deep clean fridge/freezer - done

1. Touch up chipped paint on walls in each room
2. Touch up white on baseboards, ceilings, and doors
3. Paint exposed wood on back patio door
4. Re-spray house numbers in metal spray paint
5. Touch up black paint on our dresser and bed

1. Hang green frames in office
2. Begin merging office/spare bedroom into office
3. Clean out office closet and organize - done
4. Reorganize spare bedroom closet
5. Get current with photos with printing/putting in albums
6. Reorganize kitchen cabinets/closets
7. Hang chandelier in spare bedroom
8. Go through books; sell unwanted
9. Sell other items not wanted
10. Refinish/paint mini-dresser for spare bedroom - done

Only 3 things done out of this whole list?! YIKES!

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